Technology & My Life

As I have grown up technology has done the same. We’ve expanded our communities, integrated new skills, developed exciting characteristics and greatest of all; we both strive to be greater. As a college student I have evaluated my possible careers and as a marketing major I see so much possibility in the world of technology. The mass amount of people you can reach through the simple press of a button is only possibly because of technological advances. Currently, I use technology to express myself through my feelings, my pictures and my art. I also utilize technology in my job as an intern integrating and executing marketing plans through social media to reach customers on all levels in the technological world. Luckily, those tasks don’t feel like a job to me because it is so fascinating to me that this post might reach thousands of people. It is enticing, ¬†inspiring and challenging all at once.

The moment I wanted to give up and

The moment I wanted to give up and go back to my old ways I didn’t, I stopped myself and remembered, I wasn’t happy where I started so why would it make me happy now? I am comfortable, my challenge is to be uncomfortable. The only way to do that is to be better.¬†