Indulge the mind

Lately, I have found myself searching for just a little bit more in my life. Nothing extreme or drastic, but something that I can cling to. I have found that through one of the most dated and magical things our world has. Words, language, books. From something like Carl Jung’s Philosophy’s to the newest indie film that was adapted from a book. Language and words are so special. Communication through words can be almost better than through merely watching a scene unravel. What is so beautiful about language and words is that not only did they mean something to the author but now they are something special to just you. The words transcend the paper and they become pictures and scenes in your mind. You become a character in the book, you feel their pain and their happiness. It not only gives you something to be excited about but it allows you to have an outlet to explore a new world.

To me, these stories give me relief. I need to feel that I have discovered more about the world than just what I see in my own life. When the words jump off the page and dance in my mind I know that is why I read.

In the end

Often times I forget when things were perfect and we were happy. If I close my eyes and breathe deeply I can feel those special moments, the smell, the sound of your voice, the touch of your soft hand against my cheek. A time where we had no worries, we were carefree together, falling in love deeper and deeper for each other.

A first love, a sweet kiss, a comforting hug, a subtle touch, a passionate moment…all dissipated with time. But I still stand tall.

I never realized time was moving so quickly turning our story into memories and they would mean so much. In retrospect, I can’t imagine a better time with you or anyone else. My heart holds on to those sweet, sacred moments but my mind must let them go.

To clear my mind is to create a space to grow. I must nurture my soul and build myself up once again. I grew around you, now I have to fill that space where you held me up.

And in the end, I will not fall.