This article in the Times details the complicated habits and happenings of recruiters and the value of athletes in the future. Not only are kids choosing their “specialized” sport earlier they happen to be committing to college before they have even begun high school. As a college athlete, who signed in the begin of her senior year of high school, I can’t imagine the state of mind I would have been in to decide where I was going to college before I entered high school..but I’m not all the surprised. I decided my sport was going to be basketball in probably the fifth grade, from there I was on the road to become a college athlete. Today, these are the athletes our society demands, gone are the days where coaches hope to find highly developed athletes in their second and third year of high school. Sports have taught me so much in my life, but the stress and pressure of choosing a college before the doors to high school open could be disheartening.  



Carl Jung; Psychology and The Occult

“But when one is alone and it is night and so dark and still that one hears nothing and sees nothing the thoughts which add and subtract the years, and the long row of those disagreeable facts which remorselessly indicate how far the hand of the clock has moved forward the slow, irresistible approach of the wall of darkness which will eventually engulf everythingI love, possess, wish for, hope for and strive for, then all our profundities about life slink off to some undiscoverable hiding place, and fear envelopes the sleepless on like a smothering blanket.”

I read this quote over and over in my head. I took a second and I read it aloud. The words touched my lips and I felt a shiver through my body because not only could I imagine this experience, but I could feel it like it was happening in that exact moment. It was just so beautiful, dark and encompassing all at once.