In the end

Often times I forget when things were perfect and we were happy. If I close my eyes and breathe deeply I can feel those special moments, the smell, the sound of your voice, the touch of your soft hand against my cheek. A time where we had no worries, we were carefree together, falling in love deeper and deeper for each other.

A first love, a sweet kiss, a comforting hug, a subtle touch, a passionate moment…all dissipated with time. But I still stand tall.

I never realized time was moving so quickly turning our story into memories and they would mean so much. In retrospect, I can’t imagine a better time with you or anyone else. My heart holds on to those sweet, sacred moments but my mind must let them go.

To clear my mind is to create a space to grow. I must nurture my soul and build myself up once again. I grew around you, now I have to fill that space where you held me up.

And in the end, I will not fall.