Concert Days: Emblem 3 SCP

Unfortunately, I awoke on my own at 430 that morning 20 minutes before my alarm was set to wake me. I lay there for a few minutes contemplating how much I wish I hadn’t watched that lasted episode on Netflix earlier that night. Finally, I gained some strength and a little excitement to get ready to leave our house in Mesa, AZ to head to Anahiem, CA for the weekend. Prepped and ready for the trip our car room off around 530. The ride passed quickly, dosing in and out of sleep, an occasional bathroom stop and of course a Starbucks stop and we made it to our hotel. It set in that, today was the day I got to see Emblem 3 in concert at South Coast Plaza mall. I hurriedly changed from some comfy car clothes into a new light blue and green chevron striped dress. I paired the dress with a neon orange belt and cheetah print flats. Settled at the hotel we took off again and arrived at the mall by 1230 where my sister and I were set to wait until 630 for their appearance. Luckily, my sister had no problem climbing right through the barricade to find a seat nestled right in front of the stage where they were preparing for their performance. She sat there while I took off and explored this high-end mall. I stopped in Victoria’s Secret, Pac Sun, Lulu Lemon, Michael Kors and a few others and found myself collecting items and bags so by this point I knew I had to return to patiently wait for their concert. By the time I came back my sister had made fast friends with a group of local high school kids. Cleverly, as the crowds were beginning to roll in, they had formed a circle where they were sitting to allow space when they stood up at the time of the concert. Introducing myself I sat down and learned a little about each one of the girls I met. We anxiously overheard girls who had seen them entering the mall, scoped out their tweets and Instagram hoping for a hint at their location and their estimated start time. Still sitting in the middle of what was beginning to be a very crowded plaza area full of teenage girls, young and old was starting to become very warm and uncomfortable. Yet we held our ground until about 530 when a member of their team came out to tell us it was time to stand up and EMBLEM would begin performing soon. Standing up you would think would be pretty normal and comfortable but it wasn’t, all the girls flooded into the open area separately our nicely formed group and creating a very smooshed crowd. Thankfully they came on shortly after. Wesley, chad and Keaton came out from behind the black curtain sporting causal “California” clothes, shorts and snap backs eager to begin.  Smiles from ear to ear and squeals and cheers from the adoring girls scattered around the stage.  A beautiful setting was playing out, although it had been warm throughout the day, a small breeze was blowing at the start of their concert. The sun was setting and the crowd quieted as they began to play their first song of the night, Sunset Blvd, their hit song from performing on the most recent season of Xfactor.  The song picked up pace and everyone joined in. Smack dab in the middle of the crowd center stage girls pushed and shoved to reach in closer. It felt vaguely familiar, like being pulled and pushed by the waves in the ocean. The crowd motion was slightly less therapeutic and calming but all the while still enjoyable. They spoke briefly in between songs, picked up some girl’s phones to get shots of themselves with the crowd. As the concert neared an end I had a not so graceful exit, pushing my way out through the back of the masses so I could see what the concert looked like from the outside. The stage was set right outside of an exit of Macy’s; the area was rather small but seemed large because of all the girls squeezed in tightly.  Passersby and waiting parents trickled in and out of the area where a coffee shop was conveniently located across the way from the concert stage.   The excitement of the day and the concert was wonderful. Looking from afar on everyone who was enjoying the sound and music was something I won’t forget.



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